Microcomputer Fluxgate Magnetometer (Model: HS-PC-MM)

Microcomputer Fluxgate Magnetometer (Model: HS-PC-MM)

•High Precision •3 Choices of Display Format •2 Measuring Modes •Applying network protocol •2 Data Saving Modes •2 Displaying Modes --Waveform display and numerical displan •Easy to operate

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Product details

Model: HS-PC-MM

Product Description:

The microcomputer fluxgate magnetometer is composed of magnetic fluxgate sensor, data collective module, host computer and the software. The equipment adopts mobile power or regulated power supply as the power for the data collective module and the sensor. The fluxgate sensor collects the magnetic signal, while the data collective module collect these signals and realize high precision AD transfer. The transferred signal will be passed to the host computer via data cable and finally these signals will be displayed by two-dimension waveform or numerical value after treatment of the software. 

Additionally, the equipment could save the data, which is convenient for subsequent treatment of these testing information.



PerformancesMeasuring Range±100000nT
Precision1nT(Type A)
0.1nT(Type B)
Indicating Precision0.01%+Indicating Value
Sampling Frequency200Hz
Working Power Supply

Electric Parameters

Power Supply

Mobile Power

Able to work over 9.5h for one charg

Stable Power

Able to work constantly

Power Consumption

4W(not contain the host computer

Working Temperature


Mechanical Parameters




Data Collect Module





Data Collect Module



Indication Unit


Measurement Model

Absolute/relative value measure
Data TransferData Wire Transfer/Net Wire Transfer
Data StorageDocument form/Binary Form

Indicating Method

Wave Indication
Value Indication
Zero SettingUnder zero magnetism

Your Benefits:

• High Precision 
• 3 Choices of Display Format 
• 2 Measuring Modes 
• Applying network protocol
• 2 Data Saving Modes 
• 2 Displaying Modes --Waveform display and numerical displan 
• Easy to operate 

Application Fields:

It is especially suitable for the laboratories of scientific research such as:

  • Space magnetic measurement

  • Alternating magnetic field measurement

  • Environmental magnetic field monitor

  • Magnetic field feature identification

  • Multi-dimensional alternating magnetic field measurement

  • Residual magnetic measurement

  • Shield effect test

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