Magnetic Field Measurement

Magnetic product series includes high precision magnetic fluxgate sensors, fluxgate magnetometers, fluxgate gradient sensor, associated data acquisition equipment and software, testing and calibrating system for magnetic sensor. They enable to safely and efficiently measure the magnetic field under water and in the wild, especially suitable for geomagnetic measurement, geological survey, weapon detection, material nondestructive inspection, space magnetic measurement and so on.
    • Integrated Fluxgate Magnetometer (Model: HS-MM)
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      Integrated Fluxgate Magnetometer (Model: HS-MM)

      The integrated three-axis fluxgate magnetometer provides weak magnetic field measurement, data acquisition and processing, real-time display of test results and data storage with features of high accuracy, simper operation and easy to carry.
    • Testing and Calibrating System & Calibration Service
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      Testing and Calibrating System & Calibration Service

      The calibration of all parameters of Smagall magnetic fluxgate sensors is completed in the self- developed calibrating and testing system. Such calibrating and testing system, with high precision and stability, has passed the examination of measuring transmission ability of...
    • Helmholtz Coil Systems and Testing Equipment
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      Helmholtz Coil Systems and Testing Equipment

      Helmholtz coil can generate very weak magnetic as well as hundreds of gauss magnetic field which can simulate to generate steady magnetic field and alternating magnetic field and analyze technical specifications of measured magnetic products. It can produce 1D, 2D and 3D...
    • Magnetic Field Simulation System
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      Magnetic Field Simulation System

      Magnetic Field Simulation System consists of a computer, high precision DA card, high precision constant current source, Helmholtz coil and matched upper computer software. With amplitude, frequency and other parameters of simulation signal modified by software. high...
    • Customized Magnetic Calibrating And Testing System
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      Customized Magnetic Calibrating And Testing System

      Smagall develops a number of weak magnetic measurement systems to meet the key requirements of a wide range of applications.
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