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Summary of Parasitic Echo Pulse Rejector

In a parasitic echo rejector in accordance with the invention, each new echo level reading related to the hardware count provided by counter DC is compared with the present average liquid level value and this new reading is accepted by the system when the difference therebetween lies within a given acceptable margin.

Since readings outside of this acceptable margin may be based on parasitic echoes or reflect a valid level change, discrimination therebetween is essential to avoid an erroneous reading. In order to effect such discrimination, new outside margin readings, should they occur consecutively a predetermined large number of times, such as 50 times, are accepted as true level changes, in which case all subsequent new outside margin readings only have to occur for a predetermined small number of consecutive times (i.e., 4) to be accepted as non-parasitic.

Any new reading that lies within the margin will automatically reset the outside margin count, and another 50 consecutive outside margin readings are then required to be accepted. Those outside margin readings that fail to meet the consecutive test requirements are rejected and do not effect the output readings.

While there has been shown and described a preferred embodiment of a parasitic echo pulse rejector for ultrasonic liquid level meter in accordance with the invention, it will be appreciated that many changes and modifications may be made therein without, however, departing from the essential spirit thereof.

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