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Marine shipping involves one important aspect to consider--fire protection on board. Big fire extinguisher tanks are stored on board for emergency. Knowing the liquid level in tanks is what Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator specializes, allowing users to detect liquid level in tanks without opening them. It is extremely convenient and safe to use, which is necessary for shipping. The material of measurable liquid containers can be made of various kinds of materials like metal, glass or unfoamed plastics. Under ordinary conditions, the maximum wall thickness of measurable containers is 30mm. 

Smagall Portable Ultrasonic Liquid Level Indicator can meet the requirements of users from marine and shipping industries, such as shipping and ship management companies, marine surveyors, port authorities and marine servicing companies. Our customers include ship owners, managers & operators, Navies, marine surveyors, port authorities, towage & salvage operators, shipyards and marine service stations etc. 



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