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815 Model 26G Radar Level Sensor with Good Quality

Product Description:

The extremely narrow microwave pulse emitted by the antenna on radar level instrument can travel at the speed of light and part of its energy, which is reflected off the surface of target medium, is received by the very same antenna. The time lapse between pulse emission and reception by the antenna is proportional to the distance between the surface of target medium and the reference point on antenna.

However, due to the fact that the electromagnetic wave is transmitted at extremely high speed, which leads to the tiny time lapse and makes it difficult to be identified, HS-JERD810 series of radar level instrument have adopted a special demodulation technology, enabling itself to detect the time lapse between pulse emission and reception correctly, and eventually generate accurate measurement result.


Model: HS-JERD815

Application: Liquids, especially highly erosive liquids

Measuring Range: 10m

Process Connection: Screw / flange (selective)

Process Temperature: (-40~130)℃

Process Pressure: (-0.1~0.3)MPa

Repeatability: ±5mm

Antenna: Rod (PTFE)

Frequency Range: 26GHz

Explosion-proof Rating: Exia IICT6 / Exd IICT6

Housing Material: PBT / AL / 316L (selective)

Signal Output: (4~20)mA/HART/Modbus

On-site Display: LCD (Optional)

Power Supply: Two wire (DC24V) / Four wire (DC24V/AC220V)

Weight: 2kg (depend on process connections and housings)


  • Small beam angle, which centralize energy, make HS-JERD800 high ability of anti-jamming, hence high accuracy and reliable.

  • Small antenna size, easy to mount and easy to equip extra dust protection

  • Small blind area, good accuracy even for small.

  • Shorter wave-length, suitable for the measurement of powder, grain and etc.

  • The guided wave radar level instrument, with pulses as its working tool and extremely low emission power, can be mounted on various metal or nonmetal vessels, harmless towards the environment and human beings.

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