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HS-2000 Intelligent External Ultrasonic Liquid Level Meter


HS-2000 intelligent external ultrasonic liquid level meter (hereinafter referred to as“liquid level meter” or “meter”) can measure liquid level outside tank constantly without the need for drilled holes in the tank. This allows for quick, simple installation that does not interrupt the tank’s operation and replacement of updated previous meter. Additionally, the meter can acquire accurate liquid level measurements for high-pressure hermetical tanks containing toxic, highly acidic or alkaline, and various types of pure liquids. Its explosion proof feature as designed  allows it to be used in the applications and conditions which require anti explosion. 


HS-2000 external ultrasonic liquid level meter utilizes ultrasonic echo measuring principle and a high-speed signal processing chip. Its signal penetrates the wall of the tank and ultimately achieves completely non-contact and accurate measurement of liquid level in tanks. In addition, the liquid level meter can output a 4~20mA standard signal or transmit measurement results to a computer ( or secondary meter ) via an RS-485 interface. 



Non-Contact Liquid Level Measurement 
The ultrasonic sensor (probe) is designed to be installed on an external surface of a tank wall without the need to drill holes on the measured tank.

This function eliminates accuracy loss due to long term usage. 

Infrared Debugging During Operation    
This function is especially suitable for conditions where it is dangerous to open the meter cover to debug, making the debugging process simple.

The liquid level meter can self-test its own operating status and hardware conditions, ensuring reliability and stability.

One-Key Recovery 
If the liquid level meter is not functioning properly, the user can press the one-key recovery button on the remote control to allow the liquid level meter to return to normal working condition.

On-Site Display and Remote Transmitting
The liquid level meter can not only display data on site, but also transmit data to a control room located away from the site via signal wire. 

Application Requirement 

1 Medium Purity Degree

  • Liquids should not contain dense foam 

  • There should be minimal suspended objects in the liquid, such as crystallized particles, etc.

  • There should be minimal precipitation in the tank, such as mud, sand and so on. 

2、The Measured Tank Material:carbon steel, stainless steel, various hard metals, glass fiber-reinforced plastics, epikote, rigid plastics, ceramics, glass, ebonite and so on and other composite materials. 

3、Tank Shape:Spherical tank, horizontal tank and vertical tank. 


Measuring range

3m, 5m, 10m, 20m, 30m

Display resolution


Short time repetition 


Measurement error

±1‰FS(Excessive wall thickness and temperature/pressure instability may affect measurement precision.)

Span shift

±10 m

Current output

4~20mA,Max load 750Ω

Communication interface

RS-485,  IrDA

Operating ambient temperature for liquid level meter


Operating ambient temperature for ultrasonic probe


(A probe with wider temperature range can be provided upon request)

Operating ambient humidity


Explosion proof mark

Ex d ⅡC T6 Gb


Housing ingress protection

IP 67

Volume percentage display

4 digit OLED display 

Blind area 

There is a blind area for the liquid level meter 

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