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Portable Ultrasonic Water Depth Meter


Ultrasonic water level meter is a bathymetric instrument for measuring water in reservoirs, lakes, rivers, shallow seas, etc. During bathymetric, the ultrasonic transducer is placed at a certain position on the water surface or water, and the current water depth is calculated automatically by the instrument based on the propagation principle of ultrasonic in water. The instrument adopts international advanced technology and has perfect bathymetric measurement function, control function, data transmission function and man-machine communication function. The machine is a bathymetric instrument integrating ultrasonic transceiver sensor, servo circuit, temperature compensation sensor and compensation circuit unit, display, control signal output and serial data or analog output unit. It has the characteristics of less maintenance, high reliability, long service life, convenient use, simple operation and accurate measurement. Therefore, it is an ideal bathymetric instrument widely used in hydrological survey, hydropower plant, reservoir area, shallow sea, lake, River Survey and environmental water area monitoring.

Technical Parameters

Measuring Range

50m, 100m, 200m, 300m

Blind Area






Output Signal

4-20mA / RS485


Min=1mm, Max=10cm


LCD+Blue backlight

Working Temperature

Sensor 0-40, Meter -10-50

Power Supply

12V lithium battery

Entry Cable


Protection Grade



  • It can only work in water, but not in air;

  • When working in seawater, you need to enter the salinity value in the corresponding menu;

  • The transmission power cannot be set too large or too small, otherwise it will not work;

  • All ultrasonic bathymeters have blind areas, and the values displayed in the blind areas are random values.



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