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Welcome South Korean customer Lim Zhong Soo come to SMAGALL to visit and discuss

On May 23, 2019, Mr. Lim Zhong soo, a customer from South Korea, visited our company on the spot to discuss cooperation. Li Lin, manager of the company's foreign trade department and colleagues of the R & D Department warmly received.


First of all, Ms. Li Lin introduced to Mr. Lim Zhong soo, a Korean customer, the development history, product types, application fields and sales in various countries of our company.

During the meeting, the manager and R & D gave professional answers to a series of technical questions, which made the customers deeply feel the maturity and professionalism of our company's products, and highly praised them.

Subsequently, the company's reception colleagues accompanied Mr. Lim Zhong soo to visit production base and conduct a detailed inspection on the magnetic products. After that, we tested the position and direction of buried pipeline in the field. After testing, the measurement results are accurate and well received by customers.



In the end, we made a full exchange for this cooperation, and both sides confirmed the product price, production technology and process, and product delivery time.

The visit of foreign customers not only strengthened the communication between our company and foreign customers, but also confirmed the strength of SMAGALL's internationalization, and also marked the growing popularity and industry influence.

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