SMAGALL Fluxgate Sensor Successfully Applied to Underwater Scientific Research Project

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The 10000 meter subsea seismograph independently developed by the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has recently been successfully applied in the world's deepest Mariana Trench Challenger abyss, marking that China has become the first country in the world to successfully acquire the 10000 meter marine artificial seismic profile.

Recently, it was learned from the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the "exploration No.1" scientific research vessel put 60 three types submarine seismographs into the above sea areas and recovered 56 seismographs. On February 28, two 10000 meter artificial seismic sections were completed, with the maximum recovery depth of 10027m and 10026m, respectively. The actual working length of the section is 669km.

These data are extremely valuable. According to experts, the subsea seismograph is an important equipment for marine geoscience exploration. By recording the subsea seismic wave signals, the subsea strata are imaged with seismic waves, providing a basis for understanding the internal structure of the subsea earth.

Since the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the Institute of Geology and Geophysics has successfully developed a 10000 meter subsea seismograph after nearly 20 years of efforts. China has also become the second country after Japan with the ability to independently develop 10000 meter subsea seismograph.

On January 15, the abyssal scientific research team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences set sail from Sanya on the "exploration one" scientific research ship and went to Mariana Trench and Yapu trench to carry out abyssal scientific research and equipment test tasks. At present, the scientific research team is still in the mariana trench challenger abyss.

According to the needs of users, our company has developed a low-power and low-noise three-axis fluxgate sensor based on the original standard low-noise three-axis fluxgate sensor. The sensor is powered by low-voltage DC, with power consumption less than 0.2W, time-domain noise less than 0.1nt RMS @ 10 points per second, and frequency-domain noise less than 10pt / RMS √ Hz @ 1Hz. This product is very suitable for the use of high-precision magnetic measurement system and instruments with internal power supply mode, which can effectively reduce the power consumption of the system and facilitate the power design, distribution and management of customers.

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