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Magnetic gradient / tensor sensor


Magnetic gradient sensor is included two three-axis fluxgate sensor close fixed on the same stable support beam,  data acquisition circuit, communication circuit and other components.

Measurement Principle:

Use two high performance magnetic sensors at a certain distance to form the three component horizontal gradient measurement.

Working Principle

Put two three component fluxgate sensors on the horizontal base in parallel, and the fluxgate sensor spacing is the baseline distance of the gradient sensor. After 6-channel 24 bit AD conversion, the test data is stored in the internal memory module, and the data can be uploaded synchronously through RS485 interface or CAN bus.

The measuring principle and working principle of magnetic tensor sensor are similar to that of magnetic gradient sensor. The difference is that the former is required no less than 4 sensors, which are built by group array. The structure of array includes cross aluminum alloy frame or cuboid three-dimensional frame.


Geophysical exploration, underwater magnetic detection, urban underground pipeline positioning, etc..



Index   Name


Magnetic   field performance index


1/3(Single magnetic sensor)

Baseline   distance between two magnetic sensors


Measurement   range of single magnetic sensor

-100μT~100μT(Default,   customizable)

Maximum   gradient

200μT(Fit with sensor)

AD   sampling

24 bit


Precede 20pTrms/√Hz@1Hz

Display   resolution


Electrical Parameters

Supply   voltage (optional)


Power consumption

Power consumption shall be   calculated according to the number of integration

Communication   interface (optional)

RS485/CAN Bus

Use environment

Degree   of protection


Working Temperature


Note: magnetic gradient index is similar to magnetic tensor index

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