release time:02-14 2020


- Physics research

- Electron microscope site surveying and installation

- Active cancellation of magnetic fields


Smagall offers a range of products for the precise measurement of magnetic fields and the control of the magnetic environment in physics experiments.

Magnetic fluxgate sensors and data acquisition unit are used to survey and analyse a magnetic field in the time and frequency domain, providing information about the magnetic environment in which experiments are conducted.

If a zero or steady magnetic field environment is required, our Helmholtz Coil systems can be used to cancel out external magnetic fields at the centre of one, two or three pairs of coils.

For an actively compensated system, a Helmholtz Coil system combined with a magnetic fluxgate sensor and suitable current feedback system will enable compensation for small variations of magnetic fields and enable a stable field within the coils.
Alternatively, Magnetic fluxgate sensors can be used to measure the Earth's magnetic field and that information can be fed into another coil system.

Specialized single-axis probes are also available for cryogenic and high vacuum applications.