release time:02-14 2020


- MRI site surveying and installation

- MRI access control

- Medical imaging

- Quality control of SPIONs


A range of products is available from Smagall to support the medical industry. We are pleased to offer devices for use in MRI suites, for measurements of nanoparticles for cancer research, for safety, and much more. 

Pre-installation site surveys for MRI suites 

Our Smagall magnetic fluxgate sensors are ideal for use in areas where MRI suites or electron microscope facilities are due to be installed, ensuring the location is suitable and safe, and passes the required criteria from the MRI manufacturer. 

MRI magnet safety 

Again, our magnetic fluxgate sensors can be used for safety checks in medical scenarios. Together they will assess the extent of the 5 Gauss line (the level to which the general public should not be exposed). 

Magnetic field cancellation systems 

When a site survey reveals an issue with field levels in an MRI suite, an active magnetic field cancellation system should be used to prevent interference with imaging quality. We recommend our magnetic fluxgate sensors for use in an active cancellation system. They will measure the ambient field and when used with a detector will isolate the MRI from the surrounding interference. 

Safety systems for magnetic resonance environments 

By using a number of sensors connected to one of our acquisition units you are able to detect magnetic materials entering into magnetic resonance environments. This will help to prevent potentially fatal accidents and costly/time consuming damage to MRI machines caused by the pull of objects (such as cleaning trollies) into the magnet bore. Sensors are also available for OEM integration.