release time:02-14 2020


- Materials quality assurance

- Traffic monitoring

- Calibration of magnetic field sensors in mobile phones


Smagall’s magnetic product series play an important role in a variety of industrial environments where accurate magnetic field measurements facilitate operational processes. 

For traffic monitoring, a range of surveillance instruments are available at low unit cost, including the low cost magnetic fluxgate sensor. 

The three-axis fluxgate sensors or the single axis magnetometer can be used for quality control of materials, both non-magnetic and magnetic, for instance to monitor the magnetic remanence of manufactured parts. 

Magnetic fluxgate sensors are incorporated in systems to cancel the Earth's magnetic field, and can be used to calibrate magnetometers in product manufacturing, for example compasses in mobile phones. 

Our Helmholtz Coil systems produce a steady and constant magnetic field, unaffected by background variations, for the calibration and testing of sensors such as the magnetometers found in mobile phones.