SMAGALL is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of sensors and sensor-based systems, specializing in providing instrumentation with measurement and control for continuous liquid level and magnetic field measurement for various industries. 

Since 2001, our reputation has been built on high standards of dependability and product quality, reinforced with responsive customer service and competent technical support. We provide our solutions and products around the world, including markets such as the USA, Pan-Europe and Asia-pacific countries, where we maintain an excellent selling record and long-term cooperation with local partners. Moreover, we are honored to be the official vendor for many world-renowned enterprises and institutes.



SMAGALL’s product range now embraces a liquid level measurement series and magnetic field measurement series. 

The family of liquid level series includes a portable ultrasonic liquid level indicator, external ultrasonic liquid level meter and external ultrasonic liquid level control. These devices all apply the innovative non-destructive measurement feature, which is based on patented ultrasonic technology used to measure or control the level safely and non-invasively. With our excellent products and expertise, we design, implement and manufacture the most advanced level measurement and control equipment for your industrial applications.

Radar level series includes a 26GHz pulse level meter, guided wave radar level meter and intelligence radar level meter. We are dedicated to becoming the pioneer in using radar level meter technology in process technology.

Magnetic product series includes magnetic fluxgate sensor, three-axis fluxgate gradient sensor, three-axis fluxgate magnetometer, Helmholtz coil systems, testing and calibrating system for magnetic sensor. These products safely and efficiently measure the magnetic field underwater and in the wild, and are especially suitable for geomagnetic measurement, geological survey, material nondestructive inspection, etc.



SMAGALL continues to design innovative products that meet the high standards of performance and reliability demanded by applications such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil refining, marine, aerospace, aviation, geological survey and scientific research, etc.

Our technologies are patented and certified by the national innovation prize and our business is ISO 9001 certificated and explosion proof functionality.



We are dedicated to defining the industrial standard in China and we integrate the entire manufacturing process to guarantee the best quality. All materials, production processes, calibration and test procedures are subject to stringent quality assurance and control procedures. Currently, our two product series both carry CE certificates for importing to Europe, exemplifying the guaranteed quality we offer.