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What Should be Paid Attention to During Inspection of Liquid Level Meter

What Should be Paid Attention to During Inspection of Liquid Level Meter

1. Do not apply power more than 36V in transducer, otherwise it will be broken.

2. Do touch diaphragm with hard object to avoid the isolating diaphragm to be damaged.

3. Measured medium must not be frozen, or it will break isolating diaphragm of sensor. This will result in the damage of transducer. When necessary, temperature protection measure should be taken on transducer to avoid being frozen.

4. Temperature of steamed or high temperature medium should not exceed the temperature limit  of sensor. Otherwise, please apply heat radiating device.

5. For measurement of steamed or other high temperature medium, heat radiating device should be applied to connect sensor and tube together and transfer to transform by the pressure in tube. For the medium in steam status, inject proper amount of water into radiator tube to avoid exceedingly high temperature steam touch sensor directly to damage it.

6. During pressure transmission, please note the following points:

   There must not be leakage in the connection of sensor and heat radiating tube.

   If before operation, valve is closed, then to start operation, valve should be opened very carefully and slowly to avoid sensor diaphragm by medium crash to it.

   Tube must be unblocked. Sediment in tubes can be ejected to damage sensor diaphragm. 

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