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HSRD818 Radar Level Meter


HSRD818 is mainly used for solid, storage container, process container or strong dust, easy crystallization and condensation occasions with the frequency of 26GHZ and the maximum measuring range of 70m. Because of high transmitting frequency, shorter wavelength, small transmitting angle, small blind area, small antenna size, etc., it is convenient for field installation and has strong anti-interference ability. It has better measurement effect for powder, particles and other levels, increase the radar measurement range greatly, and better adaptability for small tank and special tank measurement.


The radar level meter antenna transmits extremely short pulses with very low energy. This pulse propagates in space at the speed of light. When the pulse encounters the surface of the measured medium, the part of its energy is reflected back and received by the same antenna. The time interval between transmitting and receiving pulses is directly proportional to the distance between the antenna and the surface of the measured medium.   

Application:solid, storage container, process container or strong dust, easy to crystallize and condense occasions
Maximum Range: 70m
Accuracy: ±15mm
Process Temperature: (-40~80)°C (-40~130)°C  (-40~250)°C  (-40~400)°C
Process Pressure: (-0.1~4.0)MPa
Frequency Range: 26GHz
Signal Output: 4~20)mA/HART/Modbus
Power:Two-wire System (DC24v)     Four-wire System (DC24V)/(AC220v)
Site Display:Standard
Process Connection:Screw Threas/Flange(Optional)
Antenna structure: (1) Parabolic antenna (2) Stainless steel horn with dust cover antenna to prevent dust adhesion

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