Helmholtz Coil Systems and Testing Equipment

Helmholtz Coil Systems and Testing Equipment

Helmholtz coil can generate very weak magnetic as well as hundreds of gauss magnetic field which can simulate to generate steady magnetic field and alternating magnetic field and analyze technical specifications of measured magnetic products. It can produce 1D, 2D and 3D spacial combined...

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Smagall supply a range of Helmholtz Coil systems for creating stable homogeneous magnetic fields. 

They consist of an assembly of up to three pairs of coils, each generating a field along a specific axis, along with a Power Amplifier and Control Unit to interface with a PXI-based control system. They are supplied with a mounting table to hold the test item during operation. 

Smagall designs and manufactures Helmholtz coils, high precision coil drive power and software to meet different requirements. 

Helmholtz Coil Systems are used for calibration and testing of magnetic instruments, and in laboratories for producing stable magnetic environments. 


  • Geomagnetic field simulation

  • Spatial magnetic field simulation 

  • Specific alternating magnetic field 

  • DC magnetic field simulation 

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