Three Axis Fluxgate Gradient Sensor (Model: HS-MS-GM)

Three Axis Fluxgate Gradient Sensor (Model: HS-MS-GM)

Mainly used for Geophysical Exploration, Underwater Magnetic Detection, Buried Target Detection, Urban Underground, Pipeline Positioning, Target Detection and Positioning...

Product details

Model: HS-MS-GM

Product Description:

This three axis fluxgate gradient sensor adopts 2 pieces of three axis magnetic sensor that constructs an individual watertight gradient, which has been installed internally with a high performance three axis magnetic fluxgate sensor, 24bit data collection module and a gesture transmitter.

The power supply of sensor is 24VDC, four-wire output, the data transmitting method adopts CAN bus. During the using procedure, the host computer of the system acquires data through CAN bus and the data will be realigned, which forms the gradient data files and transmit the gesture information of the digitized gradient sensor. The synchronous sampling of a number of fluxgate gradient sensors could be realized via CAN bus.


Gradient Model

Three Axis Single Component Orientation Gradien

Max. Gradient






Sampling Frequency



Internal Temperature-compensation Crystal Oscillator

Baseline Length


Transmit Interface

Transmit Distance>1000m
Data Output

Axis Magnetic Data+Gradient Data+Absolute Gesture Parameter

Working Power Supply24VDC
Working Temperature


Working Depth


Application Fields:

  • Geophysical Exploration

  • Underwater Magnetic Detection

  • Buried Target Detection

  • Urban Underground Pipeline Positioning

  • Target Detection and Positioning

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